Vozárová / Király: All You Can Eat

· AV essay

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We are programmable bio-machines. We are cognitively independent beings. We are multicellular organisms swept by pure chance. We firmly believe that we make our own decisions, even if sometimes we like to rely on the throw of the cosmic dice – but never mind that! That’s part of the game. We have chosen our lives by ourselves, or maybe they were chosen for us by our parents, or by society, or maybe by our ancestors from caves. We are educated, experienced, and possess significant knowledge. We have learned to distinguish goodness from badness, responsibility from irresponsibility, necessity from unnecessary things in life and quality from non-quality and in-e-quality.
We cross out all the right choices – and circle them, too. It’s easy!
We understand the weight of our decisions and we are not afraid to use them. 35 thousand times a day.
And what did you pick for dinner today?
Press option three for the correct selection.

All You Can Eat is an audiovisual essay by Eva Vozárová and Fero Király about the possibilities, stakes, and choices of humans in a post-historical cultural situation.

The project was supported from public funds by the Slovak Arts Council as main partner.
The project was supported in the form of a scholarship by the Bratislava City Foundation. Thank you!

Concept, direction, performance, text, video: Eva Vozárová, Fero Király
Music: Fero Király
Dramaturgical consultations: Petra Fornayová
Set, lights: Eva Vozárová, Fero Király, Jan Ptačin
Production: Združenie ooo
Photo and video documentation: Šimon Lupták
Language: Slovak
Visual: Matej Lacko
Partners: Slovak Arts Council, Bratislava City Foundation
Opening night: 7 June 2024, P*akt cultural centre, Bratislava