June 2022: Bulletin for project Sound Topographies 1 – 3. Text. SK

June 2022: F. Király: In search of possibilities. Text. SK

June 2022: E. Vozárová: I can’t hear you. Accompanying text for Sound Topographies #2. Text. SK

May 2022: Mgr. M. Šibíková, PhD: On bioacoustics. Accompanying text for Sound Topographies #1. Text. SK

January 2022: Artificial intelligence can be an interesting extension of the toolkit for artists (interview with Marko Ciciliani). Musical life magazine 1-2 / 2022. Text. SK

December 2021: E. Vozárová, F. Király: There are topics we must not think about (interview with Rainer O. Neugebauer). Vlna 89. Text. SK

December 2021: Hauke Harder – Grigio Due. Videodocumentation of sound installation in the Slovak National Gallery. Video. ooo. SK, EN

November 2021: POST. Videodocumentation of sound installation. Video. ooo. SK

September 2021: T. Prištiak: To be your own audience (JAMA 2020 anti-aftermovie). ISCM – Slovak section. Video. SK, EN

September 2021: J. Liptáková: Symphony of destruction: Art installation plays on sounds of demolished PKO site. Slovak Spectator. Text. EN

August 2021: O. Rehák: They saved an original piece from the Bratislava PKO. They turned it into a work of art. Denník N. Text. SK

April 2020: T. Prištiak: And they tought it would be too quiet (JAMA 2019 aftermovie). ISCM – Slovak section. Video. SK, EN.